Can You Cut Solar String Lights?

Can You Cut Solar String Lights?

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Whether it’s Christmas, someone’s birthday, a candlelight dinner, or any other occasion, string lights are most people’s go-to ornament when it comes to decorating the place. However, sometimes your string lights may be too long and you might want to shorten them.

Can you cut solar string lights? Yes, you can, particularly in the case of solar string lights that are wired in parallel arrangement instead of series. There are also some kinds of string lights available that are designed to be cut and adjusted to the desired length.

Read below to find more detail on what kind of solar string lights can be cut, how to cut them, and some safety precautions you must keep in mind while carrying out this process.

Cutting Different Kinds of Solar String Lights

There are various types of solar string lights. Let’s discuss whether or not you can safely cut each of them one by one:

1) Solar Rope Lights

Most solar rope lights in the market are adjustable and may come in the form of dotted or marked areas where they can be cut. Do not cut them anywhere except at the marks. Cutting them at other areas might damage the light and cause an electrical shock after you plug the rope in.

In order to cut adjustable solar rope lights short, unplug the light, grab your pair of scissors and snip at the point where you want your rope to end. Attach a power connector at the cut end, and you’re done.

2) Solar String Lights Wired in Series

Generally, it is recommended you only cut string lights that are wired in parallel. Cutting lights in series might cause the voltage to increase in the remaining bulbs, which, if overdone, might cause them to overheat and burn out.

If you still wish to cut your string lights, first remove one of the bulbs. If a section of the lights turn off, it is confirmed your solar string lights are wired in series. Next, locate the section where the series of lights turn off when the bulb is removed.

Next, remove the section or series of lights by snipping at the area where there are two wires. Cap the snipped ends of the wires with a wire connector.

Plug the lights back in, and you’ll find that by cutting a section off, the remaining lights have become brighter.

3) Solar String Lights Wired in Parallel

Solar string lights wired in parallel can be cut safely without the risk of overheating because they are designed in a way that all the bulbs receive the same voltage.

In order to cut your parallel-wired solar string lights, unplug the lights, and using wire cutters, cut between the bulbs. Seal the snipped ends using wire connectors.

What Kind of Solar String Lights Can Not be Trimmed?

Not all types of solar string lights are able to be trimmed. Outdoor string lights with male and female plugs may cease to work if you snip at any area between the plugs. Those without any end plugs can be trimmed, though.

Are Solar String Lights Worth It?

Most solar string lights make use of LED bulbs, which makes them more sustainable than conventional incandescent lights in the longer run since LED bulbs last longer. Also, they emit more light and less heat, unlike their incandescent counterparts.

Solar string lights also tend to last longer than incandescent ones since their main energy source is solar energy which never goes out of supply. Solar strip lights in the market are also available in a variety of colors so you can choose any to go with your desired aesthetic.

Can You Cut Solar String Lights and Still Have Them Work?

Yes, but it comes down to two factors:

1) Based on whether it’s rope light, string lights wired in parallel or those wired in series, you will have to cut them properly. The process of cutting them right is different for each.

2) The lights must be “compatible” with cutting. Some varieties, such as outdoor string lights with male and female end plugs, might not work if you cut them from between.

Can You Cut USB-powered String Lights?

Battery or USB-powered string lights are usually wired in parallel, so yes, you can safely cut them to the desired length.

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