How Long Do Solar Path Lights Last?

How Long Do Solar Path Lights Last?

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Whether you’re an eco-conscious person always looking for greener products or just someone who wants to add a calm, warm ambience to their lawn at night, solar path lights are an option worth considering.

How long do solar path lights cost? Generally speaking, the batteries in solar path lights last for about 3-4 years, while the LEDs can be expected to last for over ten years.

Let us share some valuable information on how you can make your solar path lights last longer, what to do when the batteries run out, whether solar path lights are worth it or not, and so on,

Overall Longevity of Solar Path Lights

Solar path lights have decent longevity, especially if compared with traditional path lights. For one, they use sunlight as the main energy source so they don’t need a lot of maintenance, unlike electricity-powered lights.

Secondly, when the batteries run out after 3-4 years, they can be easily replaced at reasonable prices. You wouldn’t even have to invest a lot in them for a decade since that is exactly how long the LEDs last.

How Can You Make Your Solar Path Lights Last Longer?

Solar lights last longer, but you can make them last longer through the following ways:

1) Regular Cleaning

The solar panels need to be spic and span in order to receive enough light from the sun. If they are covered with dust and dirt, it will filter daylight from reaching them properly, causing damage to the solar panels and giving a poor lighting quality in general.

2) Placing Solar Lights Away From Artificial Lights

Solar lights need unfiltered exposure to sunlight in order to function. This is why you must place them at a position where there is no artificial light since it will mess up with the sensors, causing them to light dimly.

The sensors trigger and illuminate dark areas brightly, so if they are in close proximity with pre-existing artificial lights, they will not give you as much light.

3) Storing Them In Bad Weathers

Most solar path lights are designed with different weather scenarios taken into consideration, but mostly, the solar panels charge properly only in good sunlight. Poorly charged solar panels will ultimately give poor lighting quality, causing damage to the solar lights.

This is why you’re better off storing away your solar path lights when there’s heavy rainfall or a hailstorm, for example.

4) Using Motion Sensors

There are solar path lights you can purchase which have motion sensors installed, which means they will only light up when they detect someone in the vicinity.

If you don’t want continuous light, you might consider buying solar lights with motion sensors. They tend to last longer since they aren’t used all the time.

If you’re not able to find a solar path light with motion sensors in your local stores, you can also get sensors attached manually to them through any professional at a hardware store.

What Kind of Solar Path Lights are Available?

You have access to a whole variety of solar path lights, but it all comes down to your personal needs. There are ornamental and decorative options available if you just want to enhance and accentuate beauty of your lawn. These usually are not as sturdy as utilitarian solar lights.

Utilitarian solar lights are mostly used for security purposes, which is why they have motion sensors installed so they can detect any intruder in your vicinity. They may not be very decorative, but you still have some sleek, minimalistic and aesthetic designs available.

Are Solar Path Lights Expensive?

You may find that the upfront cost of solar path lights exceeds those of conventional lights. But in the longer run, you save more, because the more frequent maintenance and repairs in conventional lights costs you more.

Are Solar Path Lights Sustainable?

Solar path lights are sustainable in every way – they have more longevity than conventional lights, and they are also environmentally friendlier. The energy source is sunlight, which is never going to run out.

Why Do My Solar Path Lights Not Last Long?

If you have been using your solar path lights for over a decade or so, you might find they are starting to go bad and aren’t giving you enough light. In this case, just buy a new set. Neglecting their cleanliness and maintenance can also cause them to lose their longevity.

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