Can You Cut a Solar Pool Cover?

Can You Cut a Solar Pool Cover?

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Using a good quality solar pool cover is one of the most effective ways to protect your pool from dirt, debris, harmful chemicals etc. and to also keep it warm and comfortable. They come in a variety of sizes in the market.

The question arises though, can you cut a solar pool cover? Yes, you can. Swimming pools may be of a variety of shapes and sizes, and to make the best out of your solar pool cover, you can cut it exactly to the dimensions of your swimming pool so it fits perfectly.

Read below to know how you can cut a solar pool cover, what precautions should you keep in mind while cutting one, and some tips and tricks to help you make the most out of your pool cover.

What Do You Need to Cut a Pool Cover?

Fortunately, you don’t need any complex piece of equipment to custom cut your pool cover – a simple pair of scissors will suffice.

Just make sure your scissors are sharp and haven’t worn out or gotten blunt since that will work against you while you’re trying to cut the pool cover to the correct dimensions.

Apart from that, it will help a lot if you can get a person or two to hold the pool cover from the other side and keep it in place while you’re cutting. You want to have it fixed in place so you don’t accidentally end up cutting too much.

How to Cut a Solar Pool Cover?

Cutting a solar pool cover is a little time-consuming, but it’s easy to do. Below are the steps you need to follow to make your pool cover just the right size:

1) Floating the Cover on the Pool

Take out the pool cover from the package, and float it centrally on top of the swimming pool. Leave it like so for a couple of hours. This helps to remove any creases from the newly unpackaged pool cover and flattens it. Also, make sure the bubble side is facing down.

2) Flatten Out Problem Areas

Actively check if there are still any creases, wrinkles or air pockets left, and using a pool broom, flatten them out.

3) Start Cutting, But Not Too Much!

Now grab your pair of scissors and start cutting, but don’t cut it exactly to the dimensions of your swimming pool as you want to leave some tolerance for errors. Leave 4 to 5 inches of extra space on all sides that you can always trim out during your final cut.

4) Leave the Cover Afloat On the Pool, One More Time

After your first cut, it is recommended that you leave the cover afloat on the pool for a couple of days, 2 days at the minimum and two weeks at most, so that the cover settles on the pool perfectly and is ready for the final trim.

5) Final Trim, and the Debris Guard

Now you can start trimming the cover to the correct size. It is recommended you do this with a partner to hold the cover in place as you’re trimming from the other side. You can also choose to leave a bit of extra space once again, like 7 to 8mm, to make a “debris guard.”

A debris guard is an extra space that’s left out which protects the pool from any kind of debris or dirt being swept into it. You can also cut a 50mm flap for your skimmer box, so that in case there’s any debris, it is easily hosed into the skimmer box.

What To Keep in Mind While Cutting the Solar Pool Cover?

1. Be patient with the process. Don’t be hasty with cutting the cover to the exact dimensions right away because in case you make a mistake, you’ll end up with a cover that cannot do its own job of protecting the pool properly.

2. While in doubt, always go for extra space rather than cutting the pool cover too short at a particular area.

3. The pool cover settles on the pool faster when it’s sunny. If you live at a place where the weather is downcast, you might want to wait a couple of days more before you can finally commence the trimming process.

Is it okay to trim the cover right away after unpackaging?

Trimming the cover right away before giving it a chance to settle on the pool will result in incorrect dimensions as there will be parts of the cover that get uncreased and laid out much later after you’ve cut it.

Do Solar Covers Shrink?

Some shrinkage might take place during the first few weeks of using your solar cover. So it’s recommended that you leave out some extra space during your first cut to account for that.

Does a Solar Cover Have to Fit the Entire Pool?

While fitting the entire pool helps keep it as warm and protected as possible, you can still benefit from your cover by only placing it at the areas that get the most debris, just for example.

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