Generac IX2000 Portable Inverter Generator Review

Generac IX2000 Portable Inverter Generator Review

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It can be a nightmare not having reliable power when you need it the most, whether it’s for electronics, lights, or even your heat and air conditioning.  

One solution is a generator. Before you scream “too bulky and loud!” several modern generators are both portable, high-powered, and quiet. We recently checked out one of Generac’s most popular models, the 6719 iX Series 2000 Portable Inverter (see Amazon). Here’s our review.

At-A-Glance Summary

Where to Buy: Amazon, Walmart, Toolbarn, CPO, Lowe’s, Home Depot

Best for: Those looking for a reliable, durable generator that’s lightweight enough to carry with you to different places, such as a campground, or need juice for everything from power tools to kerosene heaters.

• Pros: It’s incredibly lightweight and intuitive to use, and the power is admirable for such a small package. The automatic shutdown is a great feature, and the fuel efficiency is well above-average.

• Cons: While it’s quiet, it’s a bit louder than anticipated compared to similar models on the market. Its gas emissions standards could be better.

• Alternatives: Generac 1Q2000, WEN 56200i and WEN 56203i, Westinghouse Outdoor Power Equipment WGen9500DF, EF EcoFlow River Pro

Our Review

Take what you know about a standard generator and throw it out the window. The Generac 6719 iX Series 2000 is different in almost every way. It’s portable, with a compact size that’s surprisingly light.

That package makes it a go-to generator for those on the go. It’s perfect for outdoor construction projects or while camping and can handle powering power tools and heavy-duty electronics with ease.


If there’s one thing you want in a generator big or small it’s reliable power. The iX2000 comes with a 126 cc engine that puts out an impressive 2,200 starting watts and a consistent 2,000 watts thereafter.

It also provides 16 amps of power constantly and even has a DC port to charge the 12-volt battery (which is included) if needed.

We also appreciated its two available power modes: high and eco. High-mode is just what it sounds like operating at full power. The eco-mode is still powerful while also great at fuel conservation. It’s also easy to toggle between the two modes with the simple switch.

One of our favorite features is the power overload protection. When an overload occurs, there is an immediate break in the circuit that will help protect the connected devices and electronics you’re using with the generator. 

FYI: Inverter generators like the iX2000 use a different kind of alternator compared to the way standard generators create AC power. In inverters, a computer-controlled inverter module coverts from DC to AC, producing an inverter’s raw power.

Even with this power, the Generac iX2000 is safe to use with even the most sensitive of electronic devices.


One of the 6719 iX Series 2000’s biggest selling points is its purported “super quiet” nature. While we wouldn’t go as far as “super” or “whisper” quiet, it does operate as quietly as some of the other top portable inverter generators.

The level of noise is greatly reduced because of its full enclosure design and through optimizing the speed of its engine.


Generators can be monsters. Many are unbearably heavy and clunky to lug around especially when you’re out camping or having to move it around the home during a power outage. The iX2000 is advertised as a full 40% lighter than other high-powered inverter generators and it does not disappoint in this department.

It’s easy to pick up, even at 52 pounds, and move around multiple times, and its weight makes it perfect to bring along even when your car is overloaded for a camping trip.

Fuel Efficiency

The ability of the iX Series 2000 to conserve fuel is another great selling point. It can also run close to 5 hours with a tank of gas that’s only ¼ full. The low oil shutdown production is also fantastic since it helps prevent damage to the engine.

What We Like 

• You can’t match the size/weight to power ratio offered by the Generac iX2000. The power is consistent, and while it may lack some of the features of some higher-end inverter generators, it packs a solid power punch especially when you need a traveling generator for a variety of needs. 

• The power is also smooth; we’ve had absolutely no issues with the iX2000 as far as it struggling even when using it with several different items plugged in. It has never wavered or stalled.

• The special features the machine does have keep us very happy. The fuel conservation techniques are top-notch, its sound levels are fine for when you’re at a crowded campground and the auto-shutdown and overload protection are must-haves.

What We Don’t Like As Much

• While it’s fuel-efficient, the gas emissions are higher than we expected for such a small machine.

• You can’t add a remote start feature to the iX2000, while other generators give you the option.

• While not quite as quiet as we expected, the noise is tolerable for a compact generator. 

Top Alternatives 

1. Generac iQ2000 Portable Inverter Generator

Very similar to the iX2000, the iQ is also quieter than many competitors and is compact enough for camping trips to tailgates and more. Its LED dashboard makes it easy to see wattage, as well as low fuel/overload warnings. You can also connect two iQ2000s for even more power if needed.

2. WEN 56200i Inverter Generator

A bit bulkier than the iX200, the WEN 56200i is extremely quiet, with 2000 surge watts and rated watts at 1600. It works very well with tablets, computers, and smartphones with its 79.7 cc OHV engine. Also comes with a 2000 eco-mode throttle.

3. EF EcoFlow River Pro

Sleek and stylish, the EcoFlow River Pro can power up to about 10 devices at the same time and comes with three 600-watt AC outlets and a capacity of 720Wh, and is super lightweight at 17 pounds.

The Bottom Line

Inverter generators provide cleaner, consistent power that’s still reliable either at home or outdoors. The iX2000 (shop now) is a great option for a lighter-weight generator that will give you peace of mind in a power outage or when using even sensitive equipment or electronics.

The special features may not match other models, but you’ll love the features the iX2000 offers.

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