Can Solar Batteries Be Stored Outside?

Can Solar Batteries Be Stored Outside?

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Solar batteries are a great way to stock up on extra storage. You can use the excess to power your home. However, you have to store the batteries somewhere until you’re ready to use them.

Can solar batteries be stored outside? You can keep solar batteries outside, but there are several factors you have to take into consideration before you do. Your main concern will be weather and temperature. If it’s too cold or too hot, it will cause the batteries to drain.

Is It Wise to Store Solar Batteries Outside?

As long as the surrounding temperature around the solar batteries will stay around 77°F, storing them outside will be fine. But, extreme freezing or intense heat can cause damage to the batteries, forcing the power to drain from them.


It’s important to remember that most solar storage batteries will label their instructions to maintain the device at around 77°F. Because of this, they will lose 10% of their capacity for ever 15°F to 20°F drop in temperature.

Hotter temperatures can cause the battery to self-discharge, which lowers the capacity of the battery. When the temperatures are far too cold, this can cause humidity to buildup in the device. Cold weather will affect the batteries and their life span.

Avoid Moisture

It’s equally important to ensure the batteries won’t get wet from rain or snow. This will cause the batteries to short out. Also, make sure the batteries won’t come into contact with metal. Metal has the potential to cause a reaction with the battery.

Avoid Sunlight

You also want to keep them out of direct sunlight at all times. So, it may be ideal to build a shelter for protection. The best place is under some trees that will block heat and light from the area.  This will also protect it from wetness and moisture.

Keep the Batteries Clean

What’s more, you want to guarantee that the contacts of the batteries will remain free and clear of dirt and debris. So, covering them with some sort of protection will be crucial to storing them outside.

Avoid Accidents

Plus, ensure it won’t experience an accident. The structure you store them in and the surrounding area should be solid, sturdy and free of potential hazards. This includes nearby trees that may be unstable, rickety flag poles and other such items.

Where Do You Store Solar Batteries?

There are four things you should put into the equation when trying to decide where to store your solar batteries. These will be especially poignant if keeping them outside isn’t an option.

  1. Ventilation: There should be plenty of airflow within the storage space free of heat and moisture.
  2. Protection: Be sure to reduce any chance of accidents, keeping it away from metal, trees or other similar objects. And, also keep children and pets in mind. You want to store the batteries away from where they roam and play.
  3. Accessibility: You should be able to retrieve and replace the batteries in the same spot easily. Don’t keep them too low to the ground or far out of reach.
  4. Cleaning: Ensure the batteries are clean and well kempt with baking soda, water and a brush. Ensure it doesn’t sit in a place where it will get dusty.


When storing your solar batteries outside, you have to make sure they’ll be safe and retain power. This translates to keeping them out of the sun and heat along with avoiding moisture and temperature shifts. If you can do this, your batteries will last for years to come.

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